Photographer   Frode Johansen

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I have been there eight times, drivven thru twelve states and always had a great time.

Get a feelig of home every time I arrive. And for every time

I have been there, leaving get's harder and harder.


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Been to Tunisia on one trip, stayed for two weeks and travelled around. The temperature

during daytime stayed above 40 C. or 104 F. But low humidity made it, at least for me,

a very comfortable temperature. I love warm weather.


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St. Petersburg, Russia

Went there for a two week trip in early December. Not a very warm time of the year,

but we had a good time and got a nice relaxing holliday, in thick clothing.


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Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia

I have been to the Serbian Republik twice, first in 1997/1998,

and then again in 1999. Both times I stayed mostly in

Banja Luka, with short trips to Ljubliana, Mostar and Sarajevo.

The people in Banja Luka and Ljubliana is very hospitable,

making me wanting to stay longer both times.


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Barcelona, Spain

Been here once, staying for approx. two weeks during the warm spring.


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