What I keep in my photo bag


My bags are from the LowePro's rage

- Sidelineshooter, hip bag

- Nova 5, shoulder bag

- Photo trekker AW, backpack

I also use the street and field (S&F) belt with different beltpacks


As a staff photographer the paper provides me with photo equipment.


But I am not satisfied with Nikon, so I keep some basic equipment from Canon.

-  Canon 40D body with vertical grip

- Canon 10D body with vertical grip

-  Speedlight 550EX flash

- Speedlight 580 EX II flash

- Compact Battery Pack CP-E3

-  ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter

-  17-40mm 4 L

-  70-200mm 4 L

1.4x Extender EF II

- Extension Tube EF12II

Several SanDisk CF cards

-  Epson P3000 Multimedia Storage Viewer, 40 gb disk

- Leica D-lux 3, as a compact on my hip



Here is my work setup

-  Two D2H bodies, D70s back-up

-  Three SB-800DX flashes

-  17-55mm2.8,  35-70mm2.8  and  70-200mm2.8

-  20mm2.8,  50mm1.4  and  85mm1.8