About my self

Born and raised in the town of Hammerfest in the north of Norway. After 26 years

I packed my bag and did two years in school, before I started as a full time freelancer in Oslo.

After a little more than  a year of freelancing I applied for a staff position

in the local newspaper in Honefoss, a small town about an hours drive north of Oslo.

I got the job and started photographing for them in July 2000. And I am still here.

I also run a small business on the side where I photograph for annual reports,

catalogs, magazines, books, some weddings and so on.

I also drive and write tests of motorcycles for the newspapers motor pages thru the summer.

These are published in both Norwegian and English on my motorcycle web-page.

If you need photographs from around here, please do not hesitate to contact me.




My photo bag