My favorite cartoon is Garfield



John: You should not lie there!  -  Garfield: Not?

Garfield: Cool...

Garfield: A rebel!

Garfield: World, I am ready!

Garfield: Say what?

Garfield: The world needed five more minutes...

John: Look here.. A rubber-mouse! Get it, Garfield! Get it!

John: Get it, Garfield! Get it, Get it, Get it, Get it, Get it... Get it cat!

John: GET IT!  -  Garfield: What kind of dip do you have?

John: My chocolate pices...  -  Garfield: Mine-me-here and Mine-me-there...

Garfield: Dog's dull their head...

Garfield: But:

Garfield: Cat's on the other hand, they rest their brain