Telemark tour on the 5th of May


First stop at "I don't have a clue city", and shortly after we left....


Where to drive next, I do not even know where we are so I keep my mouth shut and take some pictures instead....

The R1 Dude picked the route, and it was great..:-))

Here we are, the dirty dozen pluss two, so keep clear when we ride into Your town....hehe

After three stops in Rjukan, we finaly found a place good enough for us to eat in :-))

Getting ready to get some food...:-))

Very good roads and some nature to match..:-))

Somebody drove the wrong way, and it was not me, Yeeeaaahhhh, finaly not me :-))


It is important to wash the bike and helmet at all times...hehe.... And nobody does that like Elisabeth..:-))


Last stop for today, thank's you'all for a very good day of riding...:-))

This idiot think's it is tought to smoke, twat......