Bad boy on steroids

S4RS Testastretta is the strongest of the Monster series from Ducati, with upgraded suspension and lot's of carbon details. But the price is quite high.

Text: Frode Johansen

Photo: Ruth Helen Kjærran/

These bikes have a straight up and down sitting position, and a small windscreen to take the edge of the wind. The Norwegian main dealer gives me a bike that is both chip tuned and has a racing exhaust with carbon silencers. Which according to them brings the number of viril horses up to 147 from the original 130. A number I do not question as I slip in third gear and the front wheel touches the road again.



I have always liked the look's of these Monster's Ducati, and I am a big fan of the sitting position because I was all done with the foster position the supersport bike's force you into after nine months inside my mother. This one has several details in carbon that both gives it a more bad boy look, and it saves some weight. The two silencers in carbon is mounted on the same side, a feature that I am no fan of, it just looks out of balance. The tube frame is red, base color on the bike is white with red stripes, a combo that looks very good on the bike.


The drive line

The 998 ccm or 60 cubic inch v-twin engine is water cooled, and straight out of the box it pushes out 130 break horsepower. The racing exhaust gives the bike a better sound, but I still like the sound of the Japanese v-twins better, then again I have always liked sushi better than pasta. The gearbox has the six gears it needs, and the change is smooth and fast.


On the road

The seat vibrates in a wonderfull way when the engine comes to live as I push the start button, and the sound let's me know that this is a v-twin. The engine pulls strong from about 3.000 rpm, and overtaking cars or eighteen wheelers are just pure joy. Bellow 3.000 rpm the engine let's me know that it is not comfortable at all by vibrating hard when asked to accelerate. But watch out, at around 7.000 rpm, in first and second, the front wheel goes into the air when you run it flat out. No mater how mutch I lean forward the front end comes up. Entertaining at first, but out on the road I would like the front wheel to stay down. In my eyes it is much easier to use all the 147 stallions if the front stayed down. And with my skill of riding, I do not appreciate the front coming when overtaking in turns or riding hard out of corners.

Out on the open road I feel the upgraded suspension, the bike is easy to turn in, stabel thru the corners, even when I accelorate quite hard, and uneaven surface does not make the bike unstabel. But at higher speeds, from about 90-100 mph the bike is a little unstable. But Ducati never built this bike to fast in a straight line, they have other bikes that do that much better.

It the need for redusing the speed comes up, and it does from time to time, do not grab the break handel with all four fingers and give it what you got. Because the breaks are very good, two fingers and a semi hard grip is enough, more than that and you either lift up the back wheel or look up the front wheel. Which in both cases can end up with some dirt, sky, dirt, sky, dirt, sky action often folloved by a ride in an ambulance. The gearbox makes gear change very easy and precise, but a couple of times it kicked out of first after I had tapped it down from a stand still and was about to take of.



With this bike you get one of the most powerfull v-twin engines on the marked, put into a very good chasis that loves cornering. Breaks that brings you to a complete stop just as fast as a supersport bike. The sitting position is relaxing, and the little wind screen takes some of the wind of your chest. And apart from the ugly solution with the two silencers on the same side, the bike is really though looking. The price is a bit high, but who cares about that as long as your bank can afford it.


The Facts:

Engine: 60 cubic inch / 998 ccm

Enginetype: Watercooled v-twin

Horsepower: 130 hk (147 hk) at 9.500 rpm

Torque: 69 Ib-ft at 7.500 rpm

Fuel tank: 3,6 gallons / 13,5 liters

Front tyre: 120/70 ZR 17

Rear tyre: 180/55 ZR 17

Weight dry: 424 Ibs / 193 kg

MSRP: $15.000 (stock)



Thank you so mutch Løvaas Motor for very good service and some nice hot coffee in the morning :-))